Childish Gambino: Freaks and Geeks (official video)

27 Feb

I’m really impressed with this one. From what I hear, Mr. Gambino dreamed up the concept in his sleep, then went straight into filming when he woke the next morning. From the guy who brought us Derrick Comedy, 30 Rock, and Troy from CommunityDonald Glover’s venture into mainstream Hip Hop should have come as no surprise. This man is crazy talented. Way back when, I almost threw his mixtape out my car window (I thought it was one of the worst P.O.S. I had ever heard.) But then I got past the pre-pubescent sting uniqueness of his voice, and started listening heavily. Now the only thing I’m throwing out is praise. He’s a witty rapper and an incredible visionary. Words can’t say enough.

Arrestingly simple, “Freaks and Geeks” is one of my favorite music videos out today. The use of proximity against the drab, off-white set gives the video a very intimate and vulnerable feel–possibly reflective of Childish as a person and an artist…Out of focus in a sea of white and then BAM! Lights, cameras, Donald.

Despite his delivery, Childish Gambino is far from a joke rapper. His rhymes are sharp and articulate–each and every bar is laden with pop culture references and enough highbrow and lowbrow humor to remind us that, while he’s done big things (and made a few pennies along the way), he’s still a 22-year old kid at heart.

I dig. You should too. Now watch the damn video already, you’re about to miss the train!

DOWNLOAD: Childish Gambino: Culdesac|Link

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