Lupe Fiasco Interview w/ Tim Westwood

27 Feb
Earlier this week, Lupe stopped by the BBC1Xtra studio for an interview with DJ Tim Westwood. On the chopping block: Jewelry (which Westwood mocked years back), DJing, Atlantic Records, American foreign policy and freestyles. Wait. freestyles? No Westwood interview would be complete without. Lupe straight kills on “H.A.M.”, “Fire Flame”, and “Moment 4 Life.” Nobody should be this good off the dome. Nobody… Dropping Mar. 8, LASERS (Love Always Shines, Remember 2 Smile) has all the trappings of success: witty lyrics, poignant topics, and killer features. My Album of the Year Album of the Decade vote goes out early on this one.
EXCERPT: “America’s foreign policy is something that I can’t [support]… ’cause when you vote for that person, you vote for that. You vote for bombs lodged in the sides of schools that say ‘Made in the USA’, you vote for the tear gas canisters that Mubarak’s people were firing into the crowds… you know, American tax dollars paid for that.”

“If you look at it like the taxes pay for everything, the taxes that I pay, I’m paying for bombs – Lupe is paying for American bombs so to speak – and I don’t want to represent that…”

DOWNLOAD: Lupe Fiasco: H.A.M. (freestyle)|Mediafire
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