XV ft. Machine Gun Kelly: Finally Home

27 Feb

Forget XXL. Forget politics. Forget the nepotistic hoards of cash it took to get Diggy Simmons on the 2011 Freshmen cover. Today is a new day.

This was a slap in the face more than a setback. Most followers believed Kansas City’s own, XV, was a shoe-in (including myself) for this year’s coveted award. Money can buy cover space but it can’t buy talent–and talent is one thing XV does not lack. Wordplay, wordplay, wordplay…it’s almost like he invented it. A lot of Hip Hop today is straight bollocks.  But with XV, he makes every word count. I’ve never heard an artist say so much with so little in my life.

Not my favorite song, but still better than half the shit that Diggy, Fred, and Twist put out. Peep his mixtapes STAT. Kid’s gonna blow up soon…

DOWNLOAD: XV ft. Machine Gun Kelly: Finally Home|Mediafire

MIXTAPES: XV: Everybody’s Nobody|Mediafire :::   XV: Vizzy Zone|Mediafire


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