MAN OF THE YEAR: Charlie Sheen

1 Mar

smh–but I love these pics

Heard about this on Howard 101 this morning–read about it on HuffPo. Drugs, Hookers, and…RAISES. Oh yes, raises. Whichever angle you choose to look at this, CBS stands to lose out. They can’t win in court and now the network conglomerate stands to lose hundreds of millions from his departure. Sheen, by his own admission, has never been intoxicated on the set. What he does with his life after film stops rolling is his business and his business only. I hope he guts those corporate pigs for all their worth. His very public lifestyle choices have been the comic gold of “Two and a Half Men” for years. This is beyond hypocritical.

I think the real question here is: are the CBS execs on drugs…


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