Lil Wayne: 6’7′ (official video)

3 Mar

This video is crazy. We got Wayne, the Young Money family, elements of the movie “Inception,” and women. lots of women…I can’t say this blew me away because, honestly, I half-expected as much. But then the video gets REDONK. I’m talking Wayne losing his head crazy (literally). I’m talking a bulldog–rolling around like it just ate up 100 capsules of Kibbles & Bits-shaped Speed crazy. I’m talking spaghetti…

Serving time can damn-near destroy a man…but not Wayne (right?). Following his release from Rikers Island, Tunechi made his transition back into Hip Hop–albeit, a frustratingly gradual one. For a moment in time, I feared that I was wrong. Did I set my pedestal too high? [Pause]

Thankfully, true to martian within, Lil Wayne and Hype Williams have come together to create an out-of-this-world visual explosion. This production, much like Wayne himself–might be difficult to understand..but just the same. This one’s a trip. So pack your bags and join me at the jump.


FUTURE: Lil Wayne: Tha Carter IV


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