Wiz Khalifa: Power 105 (freestyle)

7 Mar

Thanks again to The Masked Gorilla family. Wiz is straight fire. Download at the jump.

Wiz Khalifa: Power 105 Freestyle


Uh, uh, I’m ridin’ in the caddy, stuntin’ like my daddy, I’m rollin’ up my girlfirned—her first name’s Mary; Last name Jane, look at these chains. Afro nappy boy, call me T-Pain. Bitches hit the phone but see I’m probably on the plane, and my eyes low—like Lu Kane. Niggas want that flame so I supply it and it’s perfect here, here. Here I’m hatin’ til some sucka niggas drive but it’s worthless. I’m Barry White Jeep, Bugazzas on the surface. Some niggas want the green but I be where the purp is—with your main bitch, she forgot where her skirt is. Heard my album but now you’re kinda gettin’ nervous. See I be goin’ hard cuz this is what I do. I roll another one and tell that bitch to get a clue. It’s hard for me to anme all of the places I done flew. I did it all by reppin’ Taylor Gang and stayin’ true…ya digg. Ahhh, shit, HAHA


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