21 Mar

What has two thumbs and a serious case of bracket fever? THIS GUY.

Now that my brackets are completely and utterly busted (hats off to Pittsburgh, Notre Dame, Syracuse [cough]), join me in casting your vote to decide who will grace the cover of EA Sports’ upcoming Madden 12 cover…[vote at the jump]

Join Sports Nation hosts Colin Cowherd and Michele Beadle as they offer insight, interviews, and player breakdowns throughout the entirety of the voting period. My gut tells me that the odds-on favorite to win is Super Bowl champion/MVP Aaron Rodgers–but don’t let him thrown on the “belt” too early. Having grown up in New England, my vote goes out to Patriots RB Danny Woodhead (a surprising no. 4 seed). Who will get your vote?

Voting dates:

  • Opening Round: March 21-27
  • Second Round: March 28-April 3
  • Third Round: April 4-10
  • Semifinals: April 11-17
  • Finals: April 18-25

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