F*ck New England.

30 Mar

Gondry Tech Jacket x STPL

F*ck New England with an AIDS dick. It’s a beautiful 60 degree day and the weather’s been clearing BUT, in typical fashion, the great state of Massachusetts is about to get raped by 12-inches of mother nature’s white frothy fury. In the spirit of the not being in the spirit, here is a fresh winter jacket brought to you by the guys over at STPL. I found this on Jeff Staple’s blog…not sure if STPL is a subsidiary or what (stapledesign.com is embroidered on the tag). But honestly, who gives a f*ck. The jacket’s fresh, so cop it.

AND, in case the storm passes and we only get the winter chills …here’s a great vest to keep you warm. Big fan of the plaid liner and the whole STPL Spring/Summer 2011 line (which you can peep at the jump). Check it out and, as always, comment below.

Brando Vest x STPL


One Response to “F*ck New England.”

  1. Mike March 30, 2011 at 6:13 pm #

    That jacket is DOPE* son.

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