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1 Apr

Here’s the newest from Domo and Hodgy of Odd Future. One word: SWAG.

DOWNLOAD: Domo Genesis & Hodgy Beats: Tang Golf|Mediafire




25 Mar

1. Lupe Fiasco: Lupe The Killa

2. Earl Sweatshirt: Kill

3. MellowHype: ElaphunkCircus

4. Earl Sweatshirt: Luper

5. MellowHype: RokRok

6. N.E.R.D: Anti-Matter

7. Brand New: Daisy (Adventure Club Remix)

8. MellowHype: SmokeSumKushWitMe

9. Hodgy Beats: Speed Racer.

10. Hoodie Allen: January Jones

11. Hodgy Beats: Work That Shit

12. Hoodie Allen: Gotta Be

13. Nosaj Thing: Quest

14. Tyler, The Creator: Seven

Tyler The Creator: Seven

17 Mar

Off the “Bastard” mixtape.