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D-Why: Devil Horns To All (video)

13 Mar

I know, I know…But seriously, when you murder a beat–even one as played out as ‘Black and Yellow’–it deserves note. This is the first I’m hearing of D-Why but from what I can gather, it won’t be the last.

His upcoming mixtape, “Don’t Flatter Yourself” is due to drop sometime this year. Until then, follow his facebooktwitter, and blog.


When it comes to filming, Pittsburgh-native Ian Wolfson knows a thing or two. Having filmed the ‘A Day In The Life‘ series with Mac Miller, Wolfson and his company Rex Arrow Films know how to turn a small budget production into a well-crafted work of art. Follow immediately.

“Whether it’s the different lenses that I use or the style of the video, it’s more about putting the artist in the foreground of it. Make them look great […] I grew up watching Hype Williams, Mike Jones, and all these other legendary directors. I’d be lying if I didn’t say the videos from the mid to late 90’s didn’t have an enormous impact on me.”–Wolfson