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NEW: Webby’s First Official Video

1 Apr

The Connecticut kid has just released his first music video, “Can’t Deny Me,” via Facebook…one of many standout tracks off his crazy-successful “Best in the Burbs” mixtape. Produced by F.W.M.



Chris Webby: Minute Freestyle Driving Through Arizona

13 Mar

Found this on Webby’s Facebook page. The kid goes hard.

Chris Webby: Killin’ Em & Webster’s Revenge

27 Feb

Being from CT, I think know Chris Webby is legit. Going in on Fabo’s “You Be Killin’ Em” and Nicki Minaj’s “Roman’s Revenge,” Webby again demonstrates his lyrical prowess. I’ve heard two different stories about this leak: (1) “Killin’ Em” is a leak off Webby’s upcoming album, “Webster’s Laboratory.” (2) Both it, and Webster’s Revenge, are freestyles. Whatever the case may be, one thing’s for sure…CT’s very own Chris Webby can hang.

DOWNLOAD: Chris Webby: You Be Killen Em|Mediafire :::   Chris Webby: Webster’s Revenge|Mediafire

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