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Out Of This World.

1 Apr

[Directed by Floria Sigismondi]

What a crazy video. Who would believe Katy Perry could still be hot even as a geeked-out alien-siren? Oh right, ME. Always one to transcend expectation, Yeezy’s latest video falls right in the line with the others…Comments below.


The Devil Dances, and Eventually Answers…

20 Mar

Kanye West ft. Kid Cudi: Gorgeous

Live @ SXSW


Kanye West ft. Lil Wayne, Drake & Big Sean: All of the Lights (remix)

14 Mar

“Lights on, I see ya face. She eat me up, she got expensive taste.”

DOWNLOAD: Kanye West ft. Lil Wayne, Drake & Big Sean: All of the Lights (remix)|Mediafire

Lupe Fiasco: The Birds & The Bees (prod. Kanye West)

9 Mar

Here’s an old, unreleased track from Lupe Fiasco. Kanye’s influence on this one is undeniable. One of my favorites…

DOWNLOAD: Lupe Fiasco: The Birds & The Bees (prod. Kanye West)|Mediafire

Lupe, Kanye & Mos Def: Freestyle Cypher at Blue Note NYC

1 Mar

Saw this on iamdonald…straight fire.


1 Mar

“Blame Game” has me in a MBDTF-frenzy. Here’s my favorite joint from the album. Download at the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Kanye West ft. Kid Cudi & Raekwon|Mediafire

DaVinci: Blame Game (music video)

1 Mar

Producer Al Jieh samples the “Blame Game” instrumental from Kanye’s MBDTF for the production of DaVinci’s new, similarly-named, video single. Peep the stream, above.

Blame Game” was one of the hottest songs (in my opinion) off Kanye’s epic album…Just hearing the instrumental got me all types of inspired. I’m currently holed up in my tiny ass dorm room, mixing and mashing beats on an all-too-serious FL bender. My freestyle’s are whack tho–I’m hoping my boy will grace whatever comes of this beat with some hot fire when I finish.

(what version of Froot Loops is this…CAN I HAZ UPDATE?)